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"This dude has got the ear"

- V.E.G.A

"I love creating with him, he's really passionate about what he does"

- Danny Naval, Fusik

I“Hey! I found this program called Fruity Loops that people use to make music” said a friend of mine back in 2000. Surprised by my own talents and the feedback from my peers, I went full throttle and fell in love with music production. I went on to produce 6 albums, only to find myself touring the country and co-writing another 2 albums along with countless singles. 15 years, 10 pounds 3 studios and 2 gallons of tears later I found myself standing in my own multi-media production studio providing those in need with, artist development, marketing, branding, video production, websites, graphic design, audio engineering, music production and some emotional healing as well. I’m passionate about what I do as I’m passionate about helping others. Connect with me and let’s create something bigger than ourselves.


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